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As a Southern Utah photographer, born and raised in Zion National park, I’ll guide you through the best locations, how much it costs and more. Read below if you’re thinking about having a micro wedding or eloping in Zion National Park & surrounding areas.

How much does it cost to get married in Zion National Park?

The permit to have a ceremony in Zion is $100. Permits for certain locations inside the park are more sought after than others. For example, Temple of Sinawava is most popular so applying for your permit sooner rather than later is always a good idea!

You will also have to pay a normal entrance fee to the park which is $30 per vehicle unless you have an annual parks pass.

Parking is usually full so carpooling and using the shuttles will most likely be a must. Shuttles run from March-November in the park.

How do you get married in Zion National Park?

1.Decide on what time of year you’d like to have your wedding and which location you prefer. Then you can apply for your permit here.

2.Once you have your permit secured, then you can start booking your vendors! I help all my couples through the permit process and help find the best locations and create a perfect timeline!

3.Enjoy your Zion National Park Elopement!

How many guests can I have at my Zion National Park Wedding?

There are 6 locations where you are allowed to have a ceremony inside the park. Each location differs on how many guests you can have as well as what you are allowed to bring into the park.

Number of guests range anywhere from 10 people to 100 people.

Where else can you take photos in the park?

Although you are only allowed to have your ceremony at one of the six designated ceremony sites, you can take wedding photos anywhere in the park.

Most couples have a ceremony and family & bridal party photos at the ceremony site and then head somewhere else in the park for sunset portraits.

Before or after your ceremony, you are allowed to take photos anywhere within the park.

Zion National Park Wedding Locations

Temple Of Sinawava

Temple of Sinawava is at the very top of the canyon. It is shaded most the day and is only accessible by shuttle March-November. It is also a popular spot so there will most likely be people in this area.

Max number of guests: 35

Menu Falls

Menu Falls is very close to Temple of Sinawava. You will take the shuttle to the Sinawava drop off and walk down to menu falls. It is very easy to miss as it is tucked into a little canyon. This location is very private and the perfect spot for an intimate ceremony

Max number of guests: 10

Zion Lodge Lawn

Zion Lodge lawn is a great option if you are wanting a larger ceremony. It’s fairly easy to set up chairs and wheelchair accessible. However, this is a VERY popular area and you will have little to no privacy as well has people in the background.

Max number of guests: 75

Nature Center North Lawn

Only available from November- early April. A great option for an off season wedding.

Max number of guests: 50

South Campground Amphitheater

This is a great option for people who don’t want the stress of organizing seating because this location already has permeant seating. A very accessible location next to the visitors center, so no need to use the shuttles

Max number of guests: 100

Timber Creek Overlook

This is a stunning and hidden gem location but please keep in mind that it is a bit out the way. It’s on the other end of Zion’s park borders so it’s actually a 50minute drive from this location from the park entrance.

Max number of guests: 20/ 4 cars

Additional Info & Park Rules

Keep in mind that when you apply for your permit, they will ask for all the details about what you plan on brining into the park. Your permit MAY BE DENIED if you try to bring certain items into the park. For example, music (including speakers or any DJ set up), confetti, some structures (like arches),some flowers/plants, and more are strictly prohibited. There are a lot of Leave No Trace rules set in place. Be mindful about what you are trying to get approved for your ceremony.

What about Photoshoots, Private Vows & Vow Renewals?


Good news- permits and limited locations only apply to weddings! For proposals, couple sessions, anniversary sessions or engagements, there are a lot more choices for locations!

My tip for best photos in Zion National Park? Hire a LOCAL photographer! Zion’s popular locations can get extremely crowded and difficult to plan a photoshoot but Zion has SO many great hidden locations both inside and outside the park.

I’ve lived next to Zion my whole life and have spent years exploring Zion finding unique and quite locations for the best photo experience! All my couples also get access to my exclusive location guide that includes over 20 different Zion locations ranging from right off the side of the road to an adventurous hike with great payoff views. Reach out for location ideas and expert planning assistance!

Private Vows & Vow Renewals:

Thinking to just exchange vows, a letter or even renew vows? There is a bit more leeway here. If you are not having any sort of ceremony with an officiant surrounded by some friends and family and instead just sharing short vows with just the two of you, any location should be fine!

My advice is to pick a location that is lesser known and won’t be as busy for a couple different reasons: so we don’t distract or take away from other hikers/visitors, so you two can have a more quite area with less to no people watching or listening in on your vows and so you can create a more memorable and unique experience with less pressures!

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I'm an adventurer at heart, with a passion for storytelling.

I prioritize intentional moments filled with love and capture both grand & intimate photos

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