How To Get Married on BLM Land Near Zion National Park: A Complete Guide Updated for 2024


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Costs, Locations & Permits

As a Southern Utah photographer, born and raised in Zion National park, I’ll guide you through the best locations, how much it costs and more. Read below if you’re thinking about having a micro wedding or eloping on BLM land in Zion surrounding areas!


Do You Need A Permit To Have A Wedding on BLM Land?

The short answer is yes. Although it does depend on what you want your elopement to look like. If you are planning on bringing anything in for your wedding (arches, tables, chairs etc) you will need a permit.

Unlike getting married inside Zion National Park, BLM land has less rules you have to follow. On BLM land you can have music, more decoration, tables & chairs and whatever else you want really.

Applying for a permit is easy, you can read more about BLM land rules here. You can apply for a special use permit here.

Why Do You Need A Permit?

Although the rules and guidelines for using BLM land for your ceremony are much more relaxed, the BLM offices still like to know what’s happening in their area and will inform you if there are any rules or guidelines for that specific location.

By applying for a permit, you are acknowledging the impact you might have on the land. Roads, waste management & cleanup, impacts on plans & wildlife is all something that needs to be managed.

We want to take care of our Public Lands so more people can continue to enjoy the areas!



How Much Does A BLM Permit Cost?

It’s tricky to give a specific amount because it depends on the area and how big your wedding will be. Often times, they don’t require a fee since the location is remote enough and/or the wedding is small enough.

However, there have been times where they charge a fee due to the impact of the area. The most I’ve seen charged for a permit was $150.

When Should You Apply For a BLM Permit?

BLM offices advise to apply for a permit 180 days in advance.

However, I do understand that many elopements are last minute and don’t fit inside that time limit. I suggest that my couples apply anyway and just mention that it is a last minute permit and ask for a rushed permit.

BLM offices are very workable when you are trying to work with them. If your date is less than 180 days, apply for the permit and then give the closest BLM office a call.


Zion Surrounding Areas Ceremony Locations

Due to the amount of location scouting that goes into finding unique ceremony sites, I will not be sharing specific locations. This ensures more privacy and a unique adventure for couples who book with me! If you are interested in any of these areas, I would be honored to be apart of such a special day!

Zion Cliffs

The most epic view of Zion’s mountains will incredible cliffs and drop offs- this is for the most adventurous souls

level of difficulty: Moderate-extreme

Amangiri Cove

A unique shell-like rock formation near Amangiri (between Kanab & Lake Powell)

level of difficulty: Easymoderate

Sheep’s Bridge

Most popular BLM area near Zion. A lot of camping, biking and views in this area! Perfect for setting up tables/chairs and other things for larger weddings

level of difficulty: Easy

Somewhere in the Desert

One of the most coolest places in Southern Utah and the perfect location for that adventurous elopement feel!

level of difficulty: easy-moderate

Red Rock Arch

So private that this doesn’t even show on the map! Tucked away, it’s the perfect hidden gem that is a natural arch for your ceremony!

level of difficulty: easy

Wire Mesa

Amazing views of Zion with the perfect cliffside for that epic looking photo

level of difficulty: moderate

Kolob Terrace

Kolob Terrace is the backside of Zion National Park. There are endless areas that have amazing backdrops for weddings! I currently have 6 spots in this area. Reach out to see the full list!

level of difficulty: easymoderate (based on location)

Tips For BLM Weddings & Elopements

Hire a local! To find the best locations, have the best lighting, timeline, and general knowledge of the area, you need someone who knows the area like the back of their hand! While the locations above are just some of my favorites and most popular, there are so many others that are so unique if you’re up for the adventure! Reach out today to start planning your unique and adventurous elopement.

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Adventures that feels like you, and documented in a way that feels like art.

I'm an adventurer at heart, with a passion for storytelling.

I prioritize intentional moments filled with love and capture both grand & intimate photos

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