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Everything You Need To Know About Taking Engagement Photos at Horseshoe Bend, Arizona: Updated For 2024

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Horseshoe Bend, Arizona is one of the most iconic locations of the Southwest, it’s no surprise that you are wanting to have professional photos taken here! As an elopement photographer born and raised in the area, I’ve spent my whole life exploring the area and mastering taking photos in popular locations like this! I prioritize intentional moments filled with love and capture both grand & intimate photos. I’ll help you plan a photoshoot that feels like you, and document your adventure in a way that feels like art.

Do You Need A Permit To Take Photos at Horseshoe Bend?

You do not need a permit to take photos here! If you are only taking photos, this includes wedding photos, elopement photos or couple/family photos, you DO NOT need a permit.

However, if you are wanting to hold a ceremony or elope at Horseshoe Bend, you do need a permit.

This is also a no drone area, so photography and videography are limited to body cameras.

Are there any costs to take photos at Horseshoe Bend?

There is a $10 entrance fee per vehicle. There are no other costs!

The entrance building is open from sunrise to sunset. If you are planning on going at sunset, plan extra time to find parking.

How Much Time Should You Plan On?

The hike from the parking lot to the Bend will take 15-20 minutes. You should plan on plenty of time to hike down and get situated before the sun starts to rise or dip.

I usually plan on 1.5hours to include hiking time and grab photos at golden hour and blue hour.

How Do I Avoid The Crowds?

The only downside to taking photos at Horseshoe Bend: there will always be a lot of people.

There really is no way around it, you will have to be workable and flexible to take photos here. On the upside: no one will be in the background! There will be people to the sides of you and you will have to wait for people to move before moving closer to the edge, but at least they won’t be in the behind you!

However, sunrise is typically less busy than sunset. You also get the canyon that lights up during sunrise that you don’t get at sunset, which is amazing!

Things To Know Before Planning a Photoshoot

  • This location gets extremely hot (100F+) in the summer. Bring plenty of water, plan for sunrise or sunset and plan on sweating!
  • The trail down to the bend is flat with an incline on your way back up. It is very easy to walk it!
  • There are A LOT of gnats during the early months of the year (February-April). Be prepared to walk through swarms of them
  • This area does have a monsoon season during late summer. Weather conditions, including wind and flash floods are common in this area.

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I prioritize intentional moments filled with love and capture both grand & intimate photos. I'll help you plan the most unforgettable wedding day that feels like you, and document your adventure in a way that feels like art.

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Adventures that feels like you, and documented in a way that feels like art.

I'm an adventurer at heart, with a passion for storytelling.

I prioritize intentional moments filled with love and capture both grand & intimate photos

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