Zion National Park Elopement Photographer| Zion national Park Elopement
Zion National Park Elopement | Zion National Park Elopement Photographer | Unique Adventure Elopement Photographer

You can’t go wrong with eloping in Zion National Park- the grandeur of the cliffs and the colors of the landscapes are unmatched! But to have an elopement in Zion in a location that is off the beaten path, has insane views and creates an intimate spot to say your vows- you need someone who is an expert in the area. I have lives next to Zion my whole life and have spent years exploring the desert around Zion. When I stumbled upon this location, I knew it was going to be the most EPIC and ADVENTUROUS elopement spot with Zion’s cliffs at the background.

S & D were all in on hiking to this location with me- no trails, no people, just views. They were adventurous enough to climb and stand cliffside in a wedding dress and suit. We watched the sunset and took in the unique area. It was such an amazing experience. This location is at the TOP of my Zion elopement spots- just scroll down to see what I’m talking about!

I'm INterested!

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