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Zion National Park Wedding Locations- How To Plan Your Zion Wedding

Thinking about getting married in Zion National Park? Great choice! Zion’s iconic cliffs and breathtaking views is the perfect backdrop to your epic and adventurous wedding day. With so many different wedding locations, Zion offers a wide range of ceremony sites.

Picking your ceremony site is the first step to planning your wedding in Zion National Park. All National Parks have strict regulations in place regarding wedding/elopements, locations, and what you’re allowed to have inside the park.

Where can I get married in Zion National Park?

Zion National Park currently has six designated locations where you are allowed to have your ceremony. If you are including an officiant and making a legal commitment in your marriage, these guidelines apply to you!

You MUST have a permit to get married at any of these locations. You can apply for a permit here. Keep in mind that the permit process usually takes a month or longer to complete so the sooner you start the process, the better!

Zion Wedding Locations:

  • The Temple of Sinawava
  • Menu Falls
  • Zion Lodge Lawn
  • Nature Center North Lawn
  • South Campground Amphitheater
  • Timber Creek Overlook

Each location has it’s own set of guidelines. For example, there is a guest limit that varies from each location. Some locations allow chairs while others do not. However all locations don’t allow music, confetti or rice, and all decorations must be pre approved by Zion Park Rangers.

Although planning a national park wedding/elopement can feel scary and overwhelming, remember that there are people here to help you along the process- like me! I help all my couples plan, obtain permits, and have a stress free experience!

What about a photoshoot?

Good news- permits and limited locations only apply to weddings! For proposals, couple sessions, anniversary sessions or engagements, there are a lot more choices for locations!

My tip for best photos in Zion National Park? Hire a LOCAL photographer! Zion’s popular locations can get extremely crowded and difficult to plan a photoshoot but Zion has SO many great hidden locations both inside and outside the park.

I’ve lived next to Zion my whole life and have spent years exploring Zion finding unique and quite locations for the best photo experience! All my couples also get access to my exclusive location guide that includes over 20 different Zion locations ranging from right off the side of the road to an adventurous hike with great payoff views. Reach out for location ideas and expert planning assistance!

What about private vows?

Thinking to just exchange vows, a letter or even renew vows? There is a bit more leeway here. If you are not having any sort of ceremony with an officiant surrounded by some friends and family and instead just sharing short vows with just the two of you, any location should be fine!

My advice is to pick a location that is lesser known and won’t be as busy for a couple different reasons: so we don’t distract or take away from other hikers/visitors, so you two can have a more quite area with less to no people watching or listening in on your vows and so you can create a more memorable and unique experience with less pressures!

Elopement Locations Near Zion

Up for more of an adventure unique to you two? YAY! That’s my speciality! As much as I love and adore Zion National Park, I have spent years exploring the desert around Zion finding unique rock formations, incredible views and hidden gems! I have an amazing list of locations with all kinds of levels of difficulty. The land surrounding Zion National Park have a different set of rules and guidelines and is much more relaxed when it comes to where you can get married and what you can set up for your ceremony!

It can be confusing but luckily- you have some local experts on your side that are here to help work out all the details. As your photographer- I’ll help find the perfect location for your epic elopement, wedding or adventure session!

Zion National Park Wedding Photographer

Your Local Zion National Park Photographer Expert

No matter what your looking for- I want to help make your desert dream wedding come true! I love when couple’s have a unique vision and up for a bit of adventure. Looking for a photo & video team? You’ve found your vibe! If you’re reading this, we already know that your our type of couple! Reach out with any questions about planning the perfect wedding in Zion National Park and surrounding areas!

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